letter to the editor



To the Editor:

It is difficult to combat the misinformation about health care reform that has spread like a virus and been accepted by the very people that would be most helped by the legislation currently in Congress. We need to gather the facts and tune out the propagandists who care more about battling democrats than doing the right thing.

I have a degree in health policy and administration and I have worked in health care administration for twenty years. I try to keep up with real news as opposed to the opinions and rantings of the talking heads. I’m an independent voter not aligned with any political party, and I think my opinion counts for something.

My ideal for our country would be universal health care like they have in the rest of the civilized world. Don’t we deserve health care as good as France, Great Britain, or Canada where people are healthier at every age and live longer than Americans? These health care systems are ranked far above ours by the World Health Organization even though we pay far more for our health care in the U.S.

Unfortunately Americans are not willing to embrace universal health care just yet, so President Obama is asking Congress to devise a plan that patches the holes in the current system without completely overhauling it. I say this is far far better than doing nothing at all.

Our health care system is broken, and American families and businesses urgently need a solution.

• Forty-six million Americans are uninsured.
• Premiums are growing four times faster than wages.
• Half of all personal bankruptcies stem from medical expenses.

President Obama has challenged Congress to pass real health care reform in 2009 that upholds three basic principles:

• Reduce costs by improving efficiency and investing in preventative care.
• Guarantee every American the right to choose their plan and doctor—including a public insurance option.
• Ensure quality, affordable care for every American.

If you care about the people without health insurance who are neglecting their health care or spending down their savings for medical care, you need to act now. You or your loved ones could be the next to lose your insurance. Support real health care reform.


Paula Wray