Bariatric Start

JULY 10, 2011 | PAULA WRAY

One positive thing I did almost immediately when I left my job was to imbark on a serious weight-loss effort. So I made an appointment, and on February 15, 2011 entered Geisinger Bariatric Surgery program. Scary! I had considered it for years, but was turned off by the stories of complications. Enough was enough! My daily activities were becoming more and more difficult. I was never going to lose weight without some drastic help. And maybe dropping a hundred pounds or so would help me land a new job.

Before scheduling the surgery, you have to dedicate your life to 6 months of office visits, support groups, classes, tests, and losing 10% of my starting weight - 32 lbs. Yes, it takes a lot of time and determination.

Michael Pollan’s Food Rules was a terrific help in starting my weight loss plan. Pollan reduces the glut of diet information to a few simple rules that anyone can follow.