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Bariatric Surgery Green Light

JULY 11, 2011 | PAULA WRAY

Just a quick update on the surgery program. I had two more medical appointments in preparation for bariatric surgery. The cardiologist gave me the green light after viewing my stress echo. I commented, "so I won't be among the 1% who die from surgery." He agreed.

The second was with the GI Nutritionist in another office. She went through the usual checklist - yes, I've paid the fee, yes, I've been to classes and support groups, yes, the shrink and the dietitian gave me the green light. This is all becoming so routine. So, I've lost 30 lbs with 2 to go. She is going to write "the letter" as soon as she sees the cardiology report. "The letter" is sent to my insurance company to seek authorization. I have to return in 1 month and not gain any weight.

She wanted to know about my diet. I feel that since I am losing weight, I should be able to take the 5th. I wasn't about to tell her that I had stopped at Taco Bell between appointments.

I wonder how many people give up before they make it all the way through this program.