Niagara Falls

Crib Notes


Hi Folks! Sorry I've taken so long to write, but work is cutting into my leisure time. I need to get to bed soon, so here are a few quick notes that I will expound on later.

Our weekend in Niagara Falls was a hoot. My mother turns into a 12-year-old when she jumps in the pool, and Aunt Phyllis drove her nuts of course. Mom and I went to a casino for the first time after Kimber's coaxing. I doubled my money in 10 minutes.

My new job at SunPointe Health is great! The atmosphere is serene and my co-workers are great. I am so happy and relieved to have a job!

I haven't lost any weight in a week, which really ticks me off because I've not been eating enough since the weekend away and now working. It is a full-time effort to try to consume enough fluid and protein, and it's hard to manage away from home.

Stay tuned.