Gastric Bypass: Day 5


September 19, 2011

If you think weight-loss surgery is the easy way out, I'm here to tell you otherwise. I too had that attitude. When I heard that someone had lost 100 plus pounds, I would be impressed and inspired until they revealed it was through weight-loss surgery. That's cheatin'! Right?

I'm only 7 months into this thing, but so far, there is nothing easy about it. And I don't expect it to ever be a walk in the park.

I've had life-long issues with food. I was the kid in our family who was made to sit at the supper table after the others had gone. My mother would plead,

"Just eat 10 peas and you can go watch TV."

I wasn't stubborn; I just couldn't make myself eat those disgusting green balls. Later I would learn to put them between 2 slices of buttered bread, making a pea sandwich so that I could get it down. It was a method I would carry with me through life. Roast beef - make a sandwich. Roast chicken - in the sandwich. Tuna. Scrambled eggs. Fish.

I am quite squeamish about food. I won't eat anything too ugly (e.g. shrimp, octopus, tongue, brain) or too cute (e.g. veal, lamb). I suspect I would not survive on grubs if lost in the wilderness.

Since September 13, every meal for me consists of a protein drink. After the first 2, I was done. It's not cute or ugly, just disgusting in taste and consistency. Yet I must go on for weeks like this. Heaven help me, I can hardly stand it. I've tried many products and mixers, and may have forever ruined my beverage of choice - grape Kool-Aid. My whole day is devoted to forcing fluids, and I've not yet met the daily goal. I don't know how anyone holds down a job under these circumstances.

On a happier note, something very good happened Monday! I had a call about a job and an impromptu phone interview. It's local, and sounds like a joyous position! Keep your fingers crossed.

Get the t shirt.

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