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Sandusky Timeline


There are so many facts floating around about the Sandusky child-sex-abuse scandal that I wanted to put together a timeline to sort this out. The following information comes mostly from the State Grand Jury report. I will update this as I gather new information.

  1. Sandusky starts The Second Mile program to help troubled boys. All of his victims will be participants.
  2. 1994: Victim 7 (i.e. 7th to report abuse to police) has "uncomfortable" interactions with Sandusky.
  3. 1994-1995: Sandusky sexually abuses Victim 6. His mother reports this to University Police who initiate an investigation. Centre County district attorney, Ray Gricar, sets up a sting operation in the victim's home with detectives eavesdropping. The mother tells Sandusky he can no longer see her son. Sandusky responds, "I understand. I was wrong. I wish I could get forgiveness. I know I won't get it from you. I wish I were dead." Gricar decides not to prosecute. Likewise The Centre County Office of Children and Youth Services felt they did not have enough to make a case.
  4. 1995: Sandusky's teenage foster child, Matt, attempts suicide. The probation department has serious concerns about his safety and mental condition, and asks that Matt go to a different foster family. But Sandusky eventually adopts him.
  5. 1996-1997: Sandusky sexually abuses Victim 4.
  6. Fall 2000: A Penn State janitor observes Sandusky performing oral sex on Victim 8 in the showers of the Lasch Building. The distraught janitor tells his supervisor what he'd seen. Fearing for their jobs, they do not report it to police.
  7. March 2002: Graduate Assistant, Mike McQueary, discovers Sandusky sodomizing Victim 2 in Lasch shower room. (see "Why Didn't McQueary Call the Police?") The following day, McQueary notifies head coach Joe Paterno, who contacts other Penn State athletic director, Tim Curly. About 10 days later, McQueary meets with Curly and Penn State Senior VP, Gary Schultz to report what happened. Curly and Schultz assure McQueary they will look into it and determine what further action to take. Curly and Schultz report the incident to Penn State President Graham Spanier. Two weeks later Curly tells McQueary that Sandusky's locker room keys were taken away and the incident reported to The Second Mile. No one reports the incident to police or reviews the 1998 police investigation.
  8. Summer 2003: Sandusky sexually abuses Victim 3.
  9. 2005-2008: Victim 1 is sexually abused. A wrestling coach at a Clinton County high school witnessed inappropriate contact between the two. In late 2008 the victim came forward and kicked-off a full-scale investigation.
  10. 2009: A grand jury convenes and two school officials testify to Sandusky's strange behavior toward Victim 1.
  11. Dec. 2010: McQueary testifies before the grand jury.
  12. Nov 2011: Sandusky is indicted on dozens of counts of child sexual abuse. Curley and Schultz are charged with perjury and failure to report a sexual assault on a child. Penn State fires head football coach Joe Paterno and university president Graham Spanier. McQueary is placed on administrative leave.]