dad playing hossie

My Father, Mother, and brother Dan in 2008.

Wanted: One Hossie Player

JUNE 22, 2015 | PAULA WRAY

Wanted: One Hossie Player.

Must be very handsome.

Like birch beer and pink lozenges.

Able to fell large trees and rock small babies.

Have super-size heart and tiny ego.

Can tackle all homework and home repair.

Kind and generous.

Rugged and brave.

Love animals.

Sing like a crooner.

Quick to laugh and joke.

Mad baseball skills.

Watch Jeopardy and O'Reilly (if you must).

Able to stop a sibling brawl with one growl.

Enjoy primitive camping in Potter County.

Concoct candy from powdered sugar, peanut butter, cocoa, and milk.

Give all your love; ask for nothing.

Reliable as an oak tree.

Dependable as sunrise.

Apply at the house on Old Stage Road.

In Memory of my Father, Paul L. Wray, 1929 - 2015

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