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Gastric Bypass: Day 4


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Mom and I ventured out shopping. She didn't actually think I would get out of the car, but I felt up to it. After the Wal-Mart and Giant, I was done-in and crabby by the time we got home. Holding the Atkins protein drink, Don asked,

"Does this need to be refrigerated, Dear?".

And I barked,

"NO it doesn't have to be refrigerated, but I WANT it to be refrigerated."

Poor Don.

Later I discovered a slight mistake I was making with my pain medication. I was sure the sig was 1 tablespoon every 4 hours. After 5 doses this way, I stopped to read the label to see if there were any refills. To my amazement, it read plain as day, "1 teaspoon every 6 hours." If I have recovered enough to do math, that's 18 teaspoons a day I was taking versus the correct 4 teaspoons a day, or 4 1/2 times the amount of Oxycodone prescribed! In my defense, it is yummy cherry flavored, and who could resist? No worries. I'm walking the straight and narrow again.

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