Ruth and Ron at Family reunion

"Uncle Ron and Aunt Ruth at the Wray Reunion."

Gastric Bypass: Day 7


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The surgery packs about 5 pounds on you. Today my weight finally went a skosh lower than it was before surgery - 277.4 lbs. That's 41.6 lbs lost altogether.

It is now the end of the day, and I have the rumbling feeling that the dose of MiraLAX this morning was overkill. I've come very close to my fluid goal for the first time (51.75 oz), but I've only eaten half the protein I need (30 grams). If I'm not careful, my hair will start to fall out. It all adds up to 320 calories. I've ordered some samples of protein drinks from other companies. Hopefully I can find something that tickles my finicky palate.

Don feels bad about eating in front of me. I usually comment about how good his food smells and looks. Yesterday he said I was making him feel guilty. I told him not to feel bad at all. I enjoy the smell of his food; I love seeing him bite into a juicy cheeseburger. Seriously. I'm not hungry in the belly any more, but I am in the head.

In the days leading up to surgery, I attended a family reunion and The McClure Bean Soup. I relished the aroma and sight of the food. At the Bean Soup, the day before surgery, Mom kept trying to steer me away from Kimber and Garrett eating. But I insisted on standing in line with them at the concession. I got up close when they ordered. I led them to seats. I wanted a description of every item, and I got a close-up sniff of Kimber's food. Am I masochistic or obsessed? The final challenge was facing Ruble's funnel cakes just before we left.

Kimber and Garrett at new home

We picked up Garrett and Kimber at their future home they are redecorating.

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