Steve McQeen in The Great Escape

Steve McQueen in The Great Escape

Gastric Bypass: Day 8


My ramblings of the day typed in real-time:

9:00 am: Wow! I've lost 4 lbs since yesterday. Could it be the MiraLAX?

I feel like rebelling with my meals today. Why not drink more milk? I love milk. I mix milk with the protein powders anyway. But for some reason milk is considered a snack that I may have only twice a day. Screw it! It takes me 30 minutes to enjoy a cup of milk versus 3 hours choking down a disgusting protein drink.

10:30 am: Just finished another phone interview. My performance was shaky at best. I was intimidated by the interviewer's ultra-professional tone, and I'm out of practice using my business voice. I was stumbling to find the right words, rambling on, and losing my train of thought. Unless she has some psychic ability to know that I would be a fantastic employee, I don't stand a chance.

4:00 pm: I did something really daring. With Don at work, I had no one to stop me. Boomer and I went over the wall! We drove a few miles to our favorite walking road. I felt like Steve McQueen in The Great Escape. I wonder if Don checked the mileage on the car. Don't be alarmed. I haven't had pain med for days. We had a wonderful walk! But when I returned and immediately carried a load of laundry up the basement stairs, it was a little much.

6:00 pm: Just fed the dog, and his canned food smelled so good - like deviled ham. I am not exaggerating one bit.

9:15 pm: Oh, unemployment. It sucks the life out of me. Our income deficit looms so much larger than the weight loss effort.

9:20 pm: Don just came home and asked, "How was your day?" I stopped typing, looked at him and yelled, "I CONFESS! I drove the car!" He grinned.

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