Posse Roped Into Horror Film

JULY 24, 2011 | PAULA WRAY

My Scrappy Posse and I attended the Caveat post-production soiree this afternoon - easily the pinnacle of our social season. It took quite some 'splainin' for Phyllis to understand where we were going and why. It isn't every day her niece is an extra in a horror film.

Julie Ufema may be the world's most gracious hostess, guiding us around as if we were honored guests. Not only is she lively, fun, and pretty, but she is so darn charming that my posse signed on as extras in her next film! I was astounded! I also signed up on the outside chance that I will not have a job by then, which would be horrifying. Not only is my posse to appear in Julie's next film, but Phyllis, who never sits through a movie, is quite looking forward to seeing Caveat with us.

We had a great time and met some interesting people. One young guy introduced himself as a male stripper which really got the ladies' attention. We saw movie props and film clips, and took some delicious chocolate chip cookies for the road. We left with only one regret - no hot Rich Coast coffee for Phyllis on a 97 degree day.